Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tolerance Is Not A Virtue, It's A Necessity

I am exactly 10 days away from what I know will be the worst/hardest/best year of my High School Life. First of all my graduating class doesn't have a name, great. My classmates picked a horrible color for our Senior Uniform (Fuchsia; I go to a private school and we have a uniform) and they're matching it with Navy Pants. That's going to be awkward. Girls with a fuchsia shirt and a khaki jumper with brown shoes and boys with a fuchsia shirt, navy pants and black shoes. When we take our class picture I'll post it up here so all of you can see how pretty we look (I love sarcasm if you haven't noticed). We still haven't been assigned to the groups we belong to but I hope I don't go with the teacher I don't want as my homeroom teacher, that would just ruin my year more. We're taking like 7 classes in a short 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. period. Classes will get way tougher, Pre-Calculus has a very tough teacher. Oh, have I ever mentioned that HATE MY SCHOOL CURRICULUM? Well, I do. It surely does not help any chances that I have of being admitted to MIT... I mean you want to see the list of classes given at my school in high school? Here they are: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry,Physics,Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and "Regular" Math, 4 years of English Class (as a second language), 4 years of Spanish class, Computer (where we are taught things as stupid as making little presentations and spreadsheets with Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel), 3 years of Values (where I learned no value that I knew before), Physical Education (even though I am fat I still get an 98% in this class, wOOt), 1/2 year of Psychology (they didn't even grade us...), 1 year of Sociology, 1 year of Humanities, 1/2 year of Health. That's it. Nothing special. 99% of schools here in Puerto Rico (private or public) have that curriculum or worse ones. Then to add to the frustration list MIT, the university I have waited so long to apply to, has delayed the application to a date noone knows. On the bright side I am taking a weekend vacation to Florida :). But nothing else. Thats why I'm saying tolerance is a necessity. Because without tolerance I would have sent everyone that has bother or complicated my life in any way to rot in hell. And that's todays word.