Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Been A Long Time

Many things have happened since my last post. I went to Disney, I started High School, Downloaded the MIT Application, I filled out the SAT application, Obama got Biden, McCain got Palin, Palin got a grandson, My governor has 5 new accusations from the FBI, Gustav hit the US, Hanna will soon, Ike will probably get Puerto Rico and Josephine is still developing and Don Lafontaine passed away.

So Disney was fun. I rode many new roller coaster that weren't there at the time I went (2003). I took a picture of the Islands of Adevnture place where the WWOHP will be and I ate at the Golden Corral. I will give you more insight of my vacation later in the week and will tell you how Disney is racist from my POV (Not that they treated me wrong or anything).

I am a Senior now, a Senior who has to wear a pink shirt and navy blue pants with black shoes and matching belt everyday to school. I'm just gonna say something. IT IS WEIRD. Classes are okay. I like some dislike others. I'm trying to get as much involved as I can but that seems to be a problem cause my school is a small privately owned private school in a small town in a small island.

I'm working on my MIT application with my guidance counselor. I hope I can get admitted but if I don't there's always UPR Mayaguez. My SAT papers are filled. I just have to pay them now. HEHE.

Obama got Biden and McCain got Palin so if you add the ages and divide them by two I guess you can take away the age factor since they're kinda even now. Oh and Palin got a grandson. So much for abstinence for her 17 yr old daughter,,,

Local News? Well Gustav left us rain, Hanna passed above us, Ike looks like it could hit us and Josephine is still a baby. My governor now has 24 charges for something from the FBI with 152 pieces of evidence to back it up.

Now I would like to ask you to stop browsing for one minute in honor of Don Lafontaine. If you don't know who Don Lafontaine is he is the guy that does most voice-overs for movie trailers. Yeah That guy. We will miss you a lot.

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